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Located in a beautiful small village in the sunny region of Salento in Puglia, Italy, the project is a unique little gem.

For this property, we have decided to preserve the building’s original features and details, such as the ‘cementine’ tiles, with contemporary furniture and modern accessories and lighting.

'Cementine' are historically hand made using coloured cement paste poured in casts to obtain porcelain-like stoneware tiles, bringing a burst of colour, energy, geometry and decoration.

The apartment’s floor to ceiling glazed wall allow for privacy and, at the same time, blend in with the original rustic architectural features.

As per the owner’s brief, the interior design scheme focused on enhancing 'genius loci' of the place by preserving original decorative elements and utilising a colours and materials that are reminiscent of the seaside area.

Organic materials and a soft colour palette have been selected in order to blend in with the original 'cementine' tiles which are characterised by earthy tones burgundy and ochre.

Our London based interior design team has been working on the concept development of this project remotely but was present on site to oversee the installation process, conducting several site visits to perfection every single detail.